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  This chart shows current output and relevant weather conditions that impact the output from each system. Each bulb represents 500 watts of electricity (the equivalent of five 100 watt lightbulbs), and will light up as the system reaches that level of output. Move your mouse over the bulbs to see how much wattage some of your typical household appliances require.
  0 Watts(Live Data ) 0 Watts (Live Data)
  System Size: 2.4 kw System Size: 4 kw
  Wind Speed: MPH Solar Radiation: 0 W/m²
  Wind Direction:
This chart provides historical information on output from the wind and solar systems. You can see output from a weekly or monthly view by clicking on the tabs above. Grab the scroll bar on the bottom on the chart to see additional data.
ENERGY GENERATED Weekly ComparisonMonthly Comparison
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